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System requirements

  • A blank DVD or a USB drive that is at least 3GB
  • On UEFI systems, an EFI partition of 1GB minimum
  • An internet connection
  • System connected to AC power

In order to install Solus, your system must meet the minimum system requirements. Ideally it should meet or exceed the recommended values for a better experience.

Disk space free10GB / 9.3GiB25GB / 23.3GiB
Memory (RAM)4GB8GB or more
Processor (CPU)64-bit (x86_64) processorx86-64-v2 2GHz quad core
System firmwareBIOS / UEFIUEFI
Display Adapter (GPU)Any onboard or dedicated adapter

These are general recommendations. Your requirements may vary based on your intended use of the system.


Desktop environments that are more feature rich (such as GNOME and KDE Plasma) use the graphics card for 3D-acceleration, when possible. They will benefit from dedicated and more powerful GPUs. Older graphics cards may not support acceleration:

  • Intel prior to GMA9xx
  • NVIDIA prior to NV30 (GeForce FX5xxx series)
  • Radeon prior to R300 (Radeon 9500)