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Privacy Policy

Solus Installations

  • Solus does not collect or store data from user's machines.
  • Solus does not use telemetry or automatic error reporting.
  • Some packages may include their own built-in telemetry (examples: Firefox, Steam). Solus cannot control data collected in this way. These packages may allow you to disable this telemetry.

Solus Forum (

  • You may view the forum without providing personal data
  • Cookies are used to store login information
  • We collect personal information when you register for an account:
    • Username and (optional) password for account identification and authorization.
    • Email address for account recovery and notifications.
    • (optional) Third party login information to allow signing in using an SSO provider like GitHub.
    • This information will be retained and processed to authenticate logins. The information will be retained until you delete your account.

Third Party Hosts

Solus cannot control how data is collected and processed on the third party hosts we use. We use the following hosts:




Your rights under the GDPR

If you are covered by the GDPR you have rights as a data subject. Your rights are detailed under Chapter 3 of the GDPR. Additionally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with your national Data Protection Authority.

Privacy Contact

Any concerns or requests about personal data should be sent to