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Solus is committed to helping our users get the most out of their systems. The Help Center has been put together to introduce Solus users to our ecosystem and guide them through some of the most common tasks they might need help with.


With that in mind, the Help Center has been broken up into several sections to help better organize the docs within:

Quick Start

If you've never used Solus before, this section will set you on the right track. It contains docs related to installing Solus, software package management, the boot process, and troubleshooting all of the above.


Solus comes in multiple editions for different desktop environments. The purpose of this section is to introduce you to those desktops, walk you through common configuration tasks, and provide useful tips and tricks.


For the most part, Solus will work with the majority of hardware out-of-the-box. But there are always exceptions. The docs in this section are focused on those exceptions and how to get the most out of your hardware.


We believe that Solus is for everyone. Each installation comes with a sane set of default applications for the majority of people, but everyone uses Solus for their own reasons. This section is intended to help you install other software to better suit your needs.


Solus is not a commercial project. It is built and maintained by volunteers who use Solus every day and have a passion for making it better. Whatever your skill-level or knowledge about Linux and Solus, this section will show you how to contribute to Solus.

Additional Support

The Help Center is not intended to be as comprehensive as something like the Arch Wiki. If you find yourself needing help with something not covered here, there are a variety of places you might get support from us or fellow users.


Our Flarum-powered forums are easy to use from any device and are a great resource for getting support.


Matrix is a great way to discuss issues and development with the community, and project developers in real-time. It's also a great place for getting support, but remember due to timezone differences there might not always be people there to answer your question immediately. You can access Matrix using a client like Element Web, or many others. You will need a Matrix account.

Read more about Solus on Matrix here.


If you are a Redditor, our subreddit fulfills a similar purpose to the forums.

Issue Tracker

If you are having issues with your Solus system or one of our software packages not working as expected, you might consider filing a bug report on our Dev Tracker.