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Tips and Tricks

Budgie Shortcuts

Budgie provides multiple shortcuts to make navigating around Budgie faster and easier.

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Alt + F2Open Budgie Run dialog
Alt + F4Kill the active window on the desktop
Alt + TabOpen application switcher overlay
Shift + Alt + TabOpen application switcher, switch to previous applications
Super (also Super + S)Open Budgie Menu
Super + AOpen Applets section of Raven
Super + LLock the screen
Super + NOpen Notifications section of Raven
Super + Space (also Alt + Shift)Switch keyboard layouts

Restoring Panel Defaults

To restore Budgie's default panel settings, run the command below

budgie-panel --reset --replace &

After this you can press CTRL + D to close the terminal without closing the Budgie Panel process.

TODO: There's got to be more that we can add here