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Update Your Development Environment

Always make sure your development environment and system are up to date before beginning work on a package

  1. Update your fork of the getsolus/packages Repository.
  2. Update your local clone of your fork.
  3. Update the solbuild base image sudo solbuild update
  4. Update the system.

Update Your Fork of the getsolus/packages Repository

If you already have a fork of getsolus/packages in GitHub, log into GitHub. Make sure you're looking at the main branch. Check to see that your fork is up to date with the main repo it was forked from. If your fork indicates it is behind, use the "Sync fork" button to bring it up to date.

Update Your Local Clone of Your Fork

If you already have a local clone, you need to bring it up to date. To do so run:

cd ~/solus-packages
git switch main
git pull

Update solbuild and the System

sudo solbuild update
sudo eopkg up

Next, you can either Submit a New Package or Update an Existing Package