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Translation instructions

Users will arrive here from the "Translation instructions" link on Transifex.

Please join our Matrix rooms if you have questions about our translation projects.

Project specific instructions

Solus Mate Transition Tool

Transifex project link

  • Strings which include curly braces { } should be translated leaving the curly braces, and anything inside the braces, untouched.
  • Examples:
  • {DE} Successfully installed, please reboot to continue. translates to:
  • {DE} Instalado exitosamente, reinicie para continuar.
  • Successfully Installed {} translates to:
  • Instalado exitosamente {}
  • Do not translate the following strings; leave them untouched:
    • Packagekit
  • If a string includes a new-line character, be sure to include it in the same place in the translation.