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Requesting A Package

If you think Solus is missing a package that would be useful, you can let us know using our Issue Tracker.

Steps to request a new package

  1. Look to see if an issue has already been filed for the package you want. If there is already request for your package, please do not open another issue. Instead, add your comments to the existing issue.
  2. Skim our Package inclusion policy to make sure your request won't be rejected.
  3. Open a new issue for your package using the Request a new package template. The template will ask you for the following information. Please complete as much as you can.
    • Name
    • Homepage
    • Why should this be included in the repository? If we already offer similar packages in our repository or third party repository, please tell us what your new package does that our existing packages do not (How is it different or better).
    • Are we allowed to distribute it?
      • For Solus to distribute the package it must use a license found on the SPDX License List, or Solus must be given permission to redistribute it by the owner.
    • What kind of user will use this package, and how many users do you think will use this package?
    • Link to source tarball/zip file. This must point to a stable, versioned source, for example: 1.2.3.tar.gz or packagename-1.2.3. Nightlies, snapshots and pre-releases are not allowed.
  4. Wait for Solus Staff to approve or reject your request.