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Packaging Changes

This page is meant to serve as a changelog of sorts for the Solus packaging environment and the packaging instructions. Refer to specific help pages for more details.

  • This list is not exhaustive
  • This list is in reverse chronological order (newest first)



Git hooks

Requiring homepage in package.yml

  • The homepage key in package.yml has become mandatory. Use the address to the upstream source repository (eg: the GitHub page) if a package does not have a homepage.
  • This is enforced by checks on all pull requests.

Recommending amending commits in Pull Requests

  • Amending commits and force pushing the changes works better with our build tooling.
    • It was thought that abandoning this practice would be okay, but it turns out not to be the case.


Switch to asterisk bolding for PR template

  • The initial PR template for the packages repository used markdown header styling (## Heading text), but solus-sc does not render that styling, so the template was changed to asterisk bolding (**Heading text**)

Switching From make to go-task

  • All packaging actions are now handled by go-task rather than make.
    • Building a package can be done using go-task rather than make.
    • Commands are the same: make local, for example, is replaced by go-task local.
    • You can see all available commands by either browsing to Taskfile.yml in the packages repo OR running go-task -l somewhere in your updated clone of the packages git monorepo.
  • Packagers should install go-task on their machines if they have not already.
  • The Makefile included with every package is no longer required. Please delete it from a package when updating, and do not include it when making the initial commit of a new package.

GitHub Monorepo Migration

  • Packages were moved from the initial multirepo setup to the packages monorepo: Now packagers only need to clone/fork one repository for all packages.
  • The recommended migration strategy is to fork this repository and start with a clean clone. Any local changes to packages should be moved over manually.
  • Packagers should now title commits like packagename: Action; for example: nano: Update to 9.0. Generic titles like Update to 9.0 should not be used, except for rebuilds.
  • Packagers should use the pull request template for package updates, filling out the Summary and Test Plan sections as usual.


Initial GitHub Migration from old Phabricator Dev Tracker

  • This change was superseded by the later monorepo migration.
  • The new multirepo setup for packages was under organization, packages were updated with PRs to individual repositories.
  • Issues were migrated to from Phabricator. Closed issues were not migrated.
  • A read-only instance of the old Dev Tracker is available at This will eventually be shut down.


The repository index was moved to

2022 and Earlier

Not included in this list.