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Packaging Overview

This is the overall workflow for creating or updating a package.

Development environment preparation

  1. Prepare for Packaging
  2. Review the requirements for the package.yml file.
  3. Also review our Packaging Practices.

Prior to building a package

Please check the following:

  • Search open package requests to see if there is one for the package. If there isn't an existing issue, go ahead and submit your pull request. If there is already a pull request, please check its status to avoid duplicating work.
  • If you are submitting a pull request for the inclusion of software in the repo, the package has a corresponding package request that is accepted for inclusion or is a dependency of a package that has been accepted into the repository.

Building packages

  1. Update your development environment
  2. Prepare the package directory and build the package
  1. Test the Package
  2. Submit a Pull Request for Review