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Welcome to the Solus Devlog

· One min read
Joey Riches

Welcome to the Solus Development Log.

The Solus Development Log will be used by Solus Staff and outside contributors to highlight wins and changes in Solus. Keep an eye on this space.

The Solus DevLog has been setup to facilitate improved communication with the outside world; wins, significant changes, as well as challenges, within Solus. Solus Staff and contributors are encouraged to use this space.

The DevLog has been setup as a separate entity to the Solus Blog to encourage more short form development content that doesn't require the same level of polish as an official blog post.

It is hoped that this will be used to help communicate what's going on in Solus such that our short-term and medium-term progress, goals, and ambitions are less of a black box to the outside world.

Additionally, we believe it will help provide context to any of our murmurings for any users who keep an eye on the getsolus GitHub organization page and the Solus Matrix channels.

Hope to see you back at this space soon with more content!